As long as Nature's Sunshine has been in existence, for 50 years, people have been helping people to a healthier, better lives. This is the reason is  we do what we do.

We at Klub Sunshine want more people to experience this. More entrepreneurs, more rebels, even more of the ones taking the road less traveled.

Our objective is to offer anyone with a dream the chance to start a business.

To make opportunities available to people who thought they didn’t have any.

To enable the Davids of the business world to succeed alongside the Goliaths.

To take a million small stars and light up the world.

Everything we ever build is in pursuit of making business better for everyone.

Our vision of the future includes more voices rather than fewer. More choices instead of one option.

We all thrive on the collective success of every single independent business we power.

That means we only succeed when our members and customers do—so we will always create more value for you than we capture for ourselves.

To the entrepreneurs reaching for independence: we build for you. To the trailblazers behind enterprises doing business differently: we build for you. To the renegades, the innovators, the dreamers: we build for all of you.

We are the entrepreneurship company. And we will never lose sight of this, or you.

Our web based Business Club is only starting out. But there is lot to come.

(Going forward our Business Club pages will be password protected and available to Members referred by us, Klub Sunshine. We are going to email the password to everyone in our Group. Thank you for your patience as we work on this task.)