In 1993 we started our small family herbal business. Why this particular choice?

Hello! Barb and Chris here.

We have been married for 40 years.

And "married" to Nature's Sunshine for 27 years. Why this choice?
A very long time ago Barb was facing incredible health challenges, including 7 (seven) miscarriages, very low blood pressure and extremely severe allergies.

Barb also had great difficulty getting pregnant, and her pregnancies never lasted longer than 3 - 4 months.
You need to be a woman to understand and appreciate the trauma she was subjected to.

With no firm answers from our medical community we finally turned to natural and complementary methods of health care.
For the first time in our lives we used with great success many natural remedies, herbal remedies, home remedies.


Today we are the proud parents of four healthy children, and two grandchildren (more to come).
And Barb's blood pressure is stable, her allergies are gone for ever too!

The discoveries that we have made exploring the world of complementary medicine led Chris to his decision of a lifetime.

He eventually has become a professional herbalist, (now retired from private practice).

In 2005 we have incorporated. The business was booming and the ranks of individuals joining  our "Klub" swelled beyond expectations.

The key to success? It is really simple and not a secret at all. We know what works.
We know what worked for us, when we were so desperately trying to heal Barb and have kids.

No, Nature's Sunshine is not the only thing we have tried!

25 years ago we owned a health food store. So, we used to work with many suppliers in the industry.

But what we have found was that Nature's Sunshine blows them all out of the water!

This is how we have brought together thousands of happy, satisfied members using our natural remedies in the US, Canada and select European Union countries!
This speaks for itself.

The intended purpose of this website is to provide you with a tool to easily obtain free Nature's Sunshine membership with us as referrers.

Membership has its privileges:

All members enjoy access to pharmaceutical quality, time tested and time honored natural remedies that include herbs, herbal combinations, vitamins, minerals, tinctures and salves etc. at  discounted prices.

At least 20% OFF retail plus free delivery (Nature's Sunshine will ship your purchase FREE of charge once each month, if you decide to place an order). On top of that you will have us, as referrers, to provide with any assistance you may need.

Thank You and Best of Health

Barb & Chris